Ray Christesen Medal

The Ray Christesen Medal is awarded to the best player in Barclay Shield each season.

Ray Christesen Medal Final Votes 2023-2024
2023/24Tim WiseMacleod
2022/23Daniel GilbertDiamond Creek
2021/22Daniel GilbertDiamond Creek
2020/21Adam TsapatsarisNorth Eltham Wanderers
2019/20Daniel GilbertDiamond Creek
2018/19Robert Wise and Narinder SharmaMacleod & Bundoora
2017/18Robert Wise, Tim Wise and Ruwinda ShamanMacleod, Macleod & Montmorency
2016/17Udhara Hewa WellalageOld Paradians / St Francis
2015/16Christopher SalmRiverside
2014/15Tom BurtonMacleod
2013/14John LeverEpping
2012/13Callum StillLower Eltham
2011/12Elliot SmaleRiverside
2010/11Paul BakerMernda
2009/10Luke Rosbrook / Paul BakerPlenty / Mernda
2008/09Mark Minney / Justin WhitcherEltham / Eltham
2007/08Mark MinneyEltham
2006/07Terry KeaysLalor Stars
2005/06Adam McGinty / David LoveHurstbridge / Plenty
2004/05Adam McGintyHurstbridge
2003/04Scott Gibbs / Brett GlynnRiverside / Diamond Creek
2002/03Corey HurstEpping
2001/02Terry KeaysBundoora
2000/01Terry KeaysBundoora
1999/00John BubisEltham
1998/99John BubisEltham
1997/98Mick NewellRiverside
1996/97Brett GlynnDiamond Creek
1995/96Graeme PaveyEltham
1994/95Graeme Pavey / Laz PappiannouEltham / Thomastown United
1993/94Peter Barnett / Brett GlynnPlenty / Diamond Creek
1992/93Mark MaxwellBundoora
1991/92Tom MacdonaldResearch
1990/91Anthony CorcoranRiverside
1989/90Anthony Corcoran / Grant TurnbullRiverside /ÊBundoora
1988/89Anthony CorcoranRiverside
1987/88Rod BealePlenty
1986/87Rod Beale / Ian WallerPlenty / Lower Eltham
1985/86John VineResearch
1984/85Tom MacdonaldResearch
1983/84John VineResearch
1982/83Peter BarnettMontmorency
1981/82Rod GurneyResearch
1980/81Terry ColstonMontmorency
1979/80Peter BarnettMontmorency

John Gleeson Medal

The John Gleeson Medal is awarded to the best player in Money Shield each season.

John was a natural athlete. He was twice Victorian champion diver (U15 and U16). He played competitive tennis, played football for Hawthorn reserves in 1951, prior to being part of the National Service intake.

John was an outstanding all-rounder. His hard hitting quickly changed games and he was a very good fast-medium pace bowler. His name apperas 4 times in the all time best 50 bowling performances for Riverside A Grade. He was such a talented player that he was recalled to the A Grade team when in his mid 40s and played in the 76/77 Grand Final, a game Riverside lost narrowly.

John’s massive individual contribution does not compare to the dynasty that he and Maureen provided for his beloved Riverside. Each of their 5 sons played A Grade as 16 year olds! John has treasured memories of playing A Grade cricket with 2 of his sons. He proudly recalled that “my kids kept me going” to play cricket. For 20 consecutive seasons, John was driver, umpire, scorer and babysitter from when Kevin started as a junior and Stephen finished his junior career.

There are many outstanding cricketers that John played against. Fred Leslie (Lower Plenty) “for his defence and ability to compile runs”; Frank Milne (Plenty) “for his flair and preparedness to take a bowler on”; Don Fisher (Plenty) “ferocious attitude to batsmen – plenty of mongrel”; Peter Barnett “overall bowling ability”. Then there were the Riverside greats. Batsmen Lou Balcombe, Kevin Fitzpatrick and the late Jack Morrissey. Bowlers Shane Barry, Tony Corcoran and Leo Hart.

John recalled the time when Umpire Bill Cousins told John that it was just as well he hit the ball otherwise he would have been bowled. This was said as the ball disappeared amongst the trees up on the hill at Greensborough Park.

Upon the sudden death of Brian Barclay, John became DVCA Treasurer, making his first book entry on 1 October1991. He was as meticulous and diligent as ever.

John’s advice to budding cricketers is ” Enjoy what you are doing as a young player and always demonstrate commitment as you mature”.

John Gleeson is a genuine legend of the Diamond Valley Cricket Association.

Riverside Cricket Club
Seasons:  57/58 – 77/78
Games: 202
Runs: 5021 @ 23.5 High score 113, Centuries 1, Fifties 23
Wickets: 386 @ 13.9 Best Bowling 7/66, 5 Wickets x 10
Life Member:  76/77
Hall of Fame: 2003/04 (only 1 of 4 members)
Official: “Countless Years” (Committee, Club Delegate to the Association)
Sire:  5 A Grade cricketing Sons

Life Member 2003/04
Treasurer 1991/92 – 2005

John Gleeson Medal Final Votes 2023-2024
2023/24Joel ThompsonBundoora United
2022/23Prince SinghBundoora
2021/22Joel ThompsonBundoora United
2020/21Matt RossBundoora United
2019/20Steven KempLalor Stars
2018/19Scott BarnettBundoora United
2017/18Justin WhitcherHeidelberg
2016/17Mitch JohnsonPlenty
2015/16Mark MinneyEltham
2014/15Prabath PriyankaraMill Park
2013/14Dhushantha RanatungaCamrea Taipans
2012/13Dhamikka PereraHurstbridge
2011/12Glen MotschallPanotn Hill
2010/11Ray KelseyGreensborough
2009/10Jason McGannCamrea Taipans
2008/09Brent GuttersonEltham Collegians
2007/08Greg DugginWhittlesea
2006/07Glen MotschallPanton Hill
2005/06Mark ReidMernda
2004/05Mark ReidMernda
2003/04Robert WiseMacleod
2002/03Stuart DuncanEltham Collegians
2001/02Paul BakerMernda

Duckworth-Turner Medal

The Duckworth-Turner Medal is awarded to the best player in Mash Shield each season.

Paul Duckworth
Considering just how fickle an art bowling can be, Paul Duckworth’s 42-year career with North Alphington ranks him among the highest apex of legendary bowlers. Taking 1532 wickets in 320 games is only part of his brilliance: he won his club’s A Grade Bowling Award 22 times and the Best & Fairest Award 19 times. He is a four-time Kevin Brady Medallist for the best player in the HDCA and won the competition’s bowling award eight times.

Dean Turner
Dean Turner’s playing career at Heidelberg included 321 matches and six premierships (two of which he captained). He further enhanced his legend at Heidelberg as he coached six junior sides to premierships but his finest contribution to the HDCA was as an administrator. During his 15 years as a committee member, he presided over the initiation of the Pilkington Shield Award and the Greg Anderson Medal as well as the reintroduction of the HDCA Competition Presentation Night. He was awarded Life Membership of the HDCA in 2011.

Duckworth-Turner Medal Final Votes 2023-2024
2023/24Karl HeckmannSouth Morang
2022/23Trent GroomMill Park CC
2021/22Kusal EdussooriyaHurstbridge CC
2020/21Rocky SharmaRosebank CC
2019/20Luke RichardsonLaurimar
2018/19Karl HeckmannSouth Morang
2017/18Dylan CunninghamGreensborough
2016/17Thomas StonehamMill Park

Mark Minney Medal

The Mark Minney Medal is awarded to the player judged best afield by the officiating umpires in the Barclay Shield Grand Final.

2023/24Tim WiseMacleod CC
2022/23Nicholas HorsfordRosanna CC
2021/22Nathan BraggRiverside CC
2020/21Thomas BeersNorth Eltham Wanderers CC
2019/20Not awardedNot awarded due to drawn Grand Final
2018/19Robert WiseMacleod Cricket Club
2017/18Sean MoneyRiverside Cricket Club
2016/17Robert WiseMacleod Cricket Club

Brett Glynn Medal

The Brett Glynn Medal is awarded to the player judged best afield by the officiating umpires in the Money Shield Grand Final.

2023/24Scott BarnettBundoora United CC
2022/23Narinder SharmaBundoora CC
2021/22Dushan WickramarathnaRosebank CC
2020/21Jack SassellaResearch Eltham Collegians CC
2019/20Not awardedNot awarded due to drawn Grand Final
2018/19Brad NihillHeidelberg Cricket Club
2017/18Daniel CockingPlenty Power Cricket Club
2016/17James ClarkMontmorency Cricket Club

Peter Barnett Medal

The Peter Barnett Medal is awarded to the player judged best afield by the officiating umpires in the Mash Shield Grand Final.

2023/24Luke SirianniLower Plenty CC
2022/23Mineth HeenkendeGreensborough CC
2021/22Jake ZerellaLaurimar CC
2020/21Dushan WickramarathnaRosebank CC
2019/20Not awardedNot awarded due to drawn Grand Final
2018/19Dale LanderResearch Eltham Collegians Cricket Club
2017/18Simon SalpigtidisGreensborough Cricket Club
2016/17Nathan AndrewsMill Park Cricket Club